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How Much Does It Cost?

Ah, yes; the most frequently asked question of all frequently asked questions. The answer is: it depends. On what? Primarily two things: the nature and complexity of your project and, most importantly, your budget. Unlike our competition, we value transparency and so we don't bill by the hour. Instead, we charge our clients on a flat fee basis. That means our clients and their clients know exactly what the cost will be upfront. No more bills with surprise hourly charges. Still, whatever the circumstances, we strive to work with you and your budget and we guarantee your satisfaction. Shoot us an email or give us a call today to get a FREE QUOTE! 

What If I Have A Lot Of Documents Necessary To Complete My Project? Do I Have To Mail Them To You?

 Absolutely not! We are a modern, cutting edge operation and "snail mail" is so early 2000s. We utilize online cloud services to send documents back and forth between ourselves and our clients. Once you decide to get some relief from your briefs, we'll give you access to a folder created specifically for your project so you can upload all your documents and other information to us securely via the web. It's as easy as dragging and dropping.  

Is Outsourcing Ethical?

According to the ABA and virtually every state ethics board, it is perfectly ethical for attorneys to outsource research, writing, and other legal tasks provided the outsourcing attorney maintains adequate supervision to ensure competent representation and protection of confidential information. What's more? The costs of outsourcing services can typically be passed along to the client! Save time AND money? You've got nothing to lose!

Will Paralegals Or Other Non-Lawyers Be Working On My Project?

That's a negative. Your project is completed entirely by one or more licensed attorneys who have the education, training, and experience necessary to craft those winning legal arguments. Our attorneys have access to a broad array of online legal resources and databases to help us make those winning arguments, and we don't charge clients when we use them.

Do You Offer Expedited Services?

You bet! Our average turnaround time is approximately 5-7 days. However, depending on your needs and the complexity of your project, we can normally get a final draft to you in 72 hours or less from the moment you give us a call! 

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